Welcome! You may be asking “Why am I here?” the answer is simple. You are here to read the story of how the University of New Hampshire’s Student Committee on Popular Entertainment (SCOPE) was unfairly dismantled. Recently the members of the organization had their memberships revoked by the University after a series of unfortunate events and a confusing, inefficient judicial process. As such, SCOPE is currently inactive, and no performances are in place for the current year.  To understand how this unjust decision was determined and how it may negatively impact your experience at UNH, take a few minutes to read the information provided.

This website is divided into the following sections:

What Happened to SCOPE?“: Chronological account for those who want the full timeline and infomation on the judicial process.

Why Should this Concern You?“: Inform readers of the negative implications of this decision on the current students, future students, the UNH community as a whole and especially other student organizations (SAFOs, OROs, Greek Life, etc.).

Sign Our Petition“: Sign our petition to appeal the decision to remove all members of SCOPE, thus paving the way for future student organizations so that they may be fairly judged if an incident were to occur to them. SIGN THE PETITION

SCOPE Legacy“: Display of the incredible accomplishments of the organization and testimonials of success. Inform readers of the impacts the entirely student-run organization has on the future of it’s individuals.

Save SCOPE Facebook Page was created by a concerned UNH student, be sure to like it!

In supporting SCOPE, you are also supporting any student organization or individual that feels they were unfairly judged by the UNH conduct system. You can make a difference in preventing this in future by taking action now. We are working to develop a plan that will allow for a change in a positive direction. Take a look at this letter composed by SCOPE alumni which addresses their concern and desire to find an effective solution.

alumni letter

Please take 15 minutes to educate yourself on this issue and support a worthy cause! Our most sincere thank you,


*Note: In an effort to keep student information confidential, we have changed/blocked out some names in documents and have opted not to disclose our identities on this site. Thank you for your understanding.


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