The purpose of the petition is to gain substantial attention within the UNH Community which allows for reconsideration of the recent revocation of SCOPE membership. This is a petition to propose a solution being reached through combined efforts of current SCOPE, past SCOPE (alums) and the University administration, which will allow for the continuation of a meaningful, educational, professional organization. By signing the petition, you are supporting the efforts to make a positive change and allowing future and current students an opportunity to engage in their University through this unique organization. The efforts of driven and intelligent student leaders have made this organization what it is today, and we hope you support our goal to continue on the 40 years of success. Please sign our petition and let your voice be heard. Please indicate, if you are comfortable, whether you are a UNH Student, UNH alumni, parent of UNH student, community member or concerned individual.

*Note: This petition is intended to be taken very seriously all comments will be reviewed for content to maintain a professional approach.


THANK YOU in advance for your support!

Most Sincerely,



18 thoughts on “SIGN THE PETITION!

  1. Tony Berry says:

    SCOPE changed my life. So far this story seems to say that a couple administrators with an axe to grind can bring down a great organization that contributes positively to the campus community and professional experience of the members. SCOPE needs to carry on and our voices need to be heard. I’m very disappointed in UNH right now and I hope that those who have the ability to truly make a difference are listening!

  2. Michael Turmelle says:

    Without SCOPE, I am afraid that the quality of concerts will be seriously affected in a negative way. I believe that SCOPE should be re-established immediately.

  3. Jeff DiCicco says:

    I have had 2 sons and a (hopefully) future daughter-in-law involved in scope. They have all had an incredible experience with this organization. It was something to put on their resume. Somehow, someone with an agenda (probably financial) briought this to an end, I hope the president of UNH is proud of himself for not putting a stop to this. I will never recommend UNH to anyone again.

  4. stephen dicicco says:

    Why do we punish the good the same as the bad? Why not let the good flourish and the bad parrish…
    Oh I think an out side focus must have an agenda. Best of luck to Scope, many more years I hope !

  5. Andrea DiCicco says:

    Wow, whos bright idea was it to get rid of such an incredible organization?? I would be ashamed whoever it may be. These young minds are getting sooo much experience in so many aspects of the real world and having fun at the same time. They are so dedicated, such a great team of minds brought together to make so many great events happen for all to enjoy. So sad, UNH you should be ashamed!!!! Good Luck SCOPE

  6. Cindy Lazarovich says:

    I am very sad to know that this outstanding organization which the students dedicate so much time and hard work to work professionally can be brought down this way because of one person’s actions. I am a mother of a very hard working member who is devastated. I have followed this ordeal since the beginning. It is obvious that the men trying to close Scope down have alternate plans to financially gain for themselves!! I am disappointed that president Huddelston would not step up to his plate and get involved. This is my 3rd child to attend UNH and I now guarentee to never support it financially in the future. I am embarrassed to know this is how a big university would treat individuals not responsible for any wrongdoing!!

  7. John McCarrick says:

    It is hard to fathom that a mischievous prank by a college student, which took place last April, could lead to the dismantling of an organization of hard working, engaged and productive students who provide a very popular, profitable and worthwhile service to the UNH student body. The only offense that the investigating board found SCOPE guilty of was an error of omission by not properly reporting the April 2012 incident. There was no one injured, no loss or damage to property at UNH and absolutely no hazing as alleged. It is apparent that a few members of the UNH administration have a preexisting agenda regarding SCOPE and have abandoned all semblance of justice in their attempt to bring down this fine student organization. President Huddleston, where is the leadership necessary to look into and reverse this miscarriage of justice.

  8. Jessica Rausch says:

    I have had 10+ years in the events industry thanks directly to my experience in SCOPE. It is shameful to disband an organization like this and the current plan to bring in outsiders is an insult to all UNH students, past and present. It makes one wonder if there is something for going on behind the scenes here, who stands to actually profit from this decision, certainly not the students.

  9. Alex D. says:

    Wouldn’t be where I am today without SCOPE. It’s what got me my current job for Capital Productions which serves the Verizon Wireless Arena, The Capitol Center for the Arts, Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion and Port Lighting Systems.

    This isn’t like shutting down a frat chapter (and most frats at UNH have committed way worse than what SCOPE committed). UNH is shutting down something that affects COMMUNITY and ECONOMY. I still can’t believe how harsh the administration is being on an organization that is a financial asset to the university’s well being.

  10. Peter J. McCarrick says:

    The administration of UNH is doing a great disservice to all those involved in the SCOPE program and reflects badly on the leadership of this University. When more people become aware of the decisions being made on this topic, they will no doubt question the wisdom of sending their children to a university that has acted so callously in their decision to end this wonderful program.

  11. Gary says:

    I have a problem with any organization being held accountable for the actions of any individual members, particularly when not acting in any “official” capacity for the organization. This strikes me as political correctness run amok, and I’m displeased. I can’t imagine this series of events transpiring when I was a member of SCOPE forty years ago…

  12. Aubrey-Rose Ross says:

    This was not handled the right way

  13. Linda says:

    Posted on the Office of Conduct and Mediation’s webpage for students is this statement: “while accountability is important, our office also places much emphasis on fairness and consistency”. Where was the fairness in the decision of the advisory board? SCOPE’s only mistake was not appropriately reporting the incident. SCOPE was more than willing to work with an advisory board to make changes and improve their organization. Instead, they were dragged through an extended judicial process only to be blindsided in the end.
    Revoking the membership of all the SCOPE members was so disproportionate to what happened that it can only cause one to be suspicious of how this process was handled. The outcome has resulted in the university losing a valued, reputable, award winning organization run by dedicated students whose countless hours of hard work had earned the respect and confidence of all the businesses and people that they worked with.
    And, to add insult to injury, it sends a very sad message to all when the administration involved in the process, as well as Mr. Huddleston, refuse to respond to letters of concern.

  14. Marianne DiCicco says:

    I have the personal privilege of knowing three members, past and present, of SCOPE. I have witnessed an incredible growth in their self-esteem, confidence, and maturity that can directly be associated with their participation in this organization. It saddens me greatly that the bureaucracy at UNH seeks to prevent the incredible opportunities afforded to its students by their membership in this organization. If the revocation of membership is allowed, all of the mentorship and experience will be lost to future members. By the time the suspension ceases, there will be no experienced members left attending the university to assist those new recruits and thus decades of hard work, experience and commitment will be lost.
    This situation has the aura of a predetermined outcome, as if the administration has been waiting for any excuse to disband the organization. Why? I don’t know. I can only surmise that they have a more profitable arrangement in the works where entertaining the students, who pay an activity fee, will now profit the school and not create the invaluable experience it has afforded their student members of SCOPE for decades.

  15. Sharyl says:

    As a parent of a former Scope member and a UNH alumni I am appalled at the way this situation is being handled. The hearing board’s complete disregard for the sanctions that were recommended is suspect at best, bordering on criminal. What is the administration trying to teach the students here? Might makes right? I am also astounded that anyone with any connection what so ever to any agency that could benefit from having this budget transferred to their group, did not, in all good conscience recuse themselves from the proceedings. While some consequences appear to be called for, this has turned into someone’s personal vendetta and a circus. I encourage a responsible review of this situation and adults, admitting they have made a mistake. Lead by example, if you can.

  16. Blake (Treadwell) Delaney says:

    I am an alumnus from the class of 2002. I was never directly involved in SCOPE but know, personally, many who were. These friends that were so dedicated to the organization have gone on to become sucessful in business and life. They have seen the world and give back to their communities through charitable work. SCOPE was a large part of their lives, as well as mine, because I benefited from their hard work. The program provided them with the opportunity to gain real world experience that was probably, some might say, more valuable than their actual course work. Being an educator myself, I understand the importance of experiencial learning.

    This organization has been one of the staples of the university’s pride to remove it from UNH culture would truely be an, EPIC failure by the administration.

    If UNH does not want hard working, passionate, successful, creative, charitable people as part of their school community…. Ditching SCOPE is one way to get rid of that riff raff !

    Proud member of the Class of 2002
    Blake (Treadwell) Delaney

  17. Katherine Fletcher says:

    Scope has done so much for the university. Don’t take it away.

  18. Pete Burke says:

    I can’t even describe how important SCOPE was in shaping my college career, and undoubtedly the way I developed personally and as a business professional. It’s difficult to read this transcription and not get emotionally wracked. I understand that organizations change over time, including SCOPE, SAFC, and other MUB orgs. What shouldn’t change is the responsibility of the University to help it’s students grow, learn, and make positive relationships within it’s own community, as well as a responsibility to prepare it’s students for the opportunities and experiences after school. This entire situation could turn into an extremely beneficial learning experience, with the proper guidance and steps listed, plus possible other avenues I didn’t see mentioned.
    Putting aside my personal feelings and trying to look at the business element – did SAFC offer to refund the student body a portion of the fee they paid at the beginning of the semester, or alter the fee to incoming students while SCOPE is on probation? What about the effect on local economy surrounding SCOPE shows – namely production companies and booking agencies – many of which are stacked with UNH and SCOPE alum, to really get a handle on how big an impact this decision was?
    If the University representatives that made these decisions made them to punish SCOPE, they have done so as effectively as lighting a candle with a cannon. I implore the UNH and specifically MUB administration to really look at the impact of their decision on a student, campus, Durham, and New Hampshire level, and to work with SCOPE and it’s members to help turn what appears to be a negative reaction into positive action.

    Pete Burke, proud graduate of ’07, 3 year SCOPE member/officer

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