Why Should This Concern You?

This decision negatively impacts UNH students, alumni, parents of students and community members. Following are the major points of concern.

Are you a student that pays the Student Activity Fee?

  • All current undergraduates have already paid the mandatory student activity fee (paid each year) which a portion goes directly towards delivering high-quality entertainment for UNH students. The student activity fee budget for this year was approved LAST fiscal year. Your money has already paid for programming this year, it should be used for its intended purposes.
  • SCOPE’s current budget has come to exist after years of successfully executing events and responsibly spending student dollars. In eliminating an organization with over 40 years experience, current students have no chance in experiencing the rare opportunity SCOPE provides to the UNH community. If SCOPE does return next year with all new members, they will need to re-build and according to University regulations should not be appointed a budget even comparable to our current size.
  • Do you agree that you may now be denied the opportunity to see any nationally recognized entertainment this entire year (and possibly in following years) as a result of this case?
  • Do you agree that the SCOPE budget has been entrusted to individuals who are not properly educated on how to spend it responsibility? Do you support your funds paying for outside promoters at a high price when all SCOPE members were dedicated volunteers working for the students?
  • Did you have interest in gaining experience in the music industry through this hands-on, professional, and entirely student run organization? If the membership and organizational structure changes allowing the power to be in the hands of the administrators, you will never be able to receive the same knowledge and responsibility.

Are you currently or have you ever been part of a Student Organization?

  • If you’ve ever been part of an organization, team, fraternity, sorority, etc. you know the dedication that comes along with it.
  • You also know of the irreplaceable personal and professional experience you get out of it.
  • Did you know that it could be taken away from you for one or more members having knowledge of a violation of a UNH policy and/or a federal, state, or local law and not reporting it (There are no limits on what type of violation it could be. It could be theft, hazing, underage drinking, public urination, J-walking, etc.)
  • Do you believe that all members of an organization “should know” about personal violations committed by other members? Do you think it is your responsibility if you are studying abroad to correspond to the University the actions of other members of your group whom may have violated policies?
  • Did you know that if you receive knowledge of a violation by an organizational member, regardless if you were with them at the time, or if it was pertaining to your organization at all, you could face revocation of your membership from your organization for failure to report the activities to the administration?
  • Do you think the administration has properly made an effort to inform all students of this policy?
  • Do you think it is right to take opportunities away from individuals when an issue was addressed specifically to the organization?
  • This could have happened to any student organization.  We believe it is not right, we believe everyone should know about it, and we believe everyone should support us if they want to prevent further instances of this injustice.
  • You wouldn’t want to experience what SCOPE just experienced and by supporting SCOPE you are helping to make sure each org has the right to a fair trial!

Do you consider yourself a part of the UNH Community?

  • If so, this issue should be concerning to you because the integrity of the university is in question.
  • Revoking all students from the organization does not live up to the spirit of empowering students, and fostering a learning environment where students learn from their mistakes and grow into better people and ultimately better for the school.
  • There has been a large error with the impartial due process – the University is not conducting in a manner that is defined and guaranteed by fundamental fairness, justice and liberty as justified by the United States Constitution.
  • Do you feel comfortable with administration failing to contact the students that had allegedly been “hazed”? Do you think the responsibilities have been upheld by the administration to show a real concern for students participating in student activities?  Faculty and staff members have blatantly failed to prevent or take notice of this issue.
  • The Office of Conduct and Mediation’s disciplinary process lacks appropriate monitoring of regulations, resulting in a failure to prevent inappropriate influencing of the party that makes the final decision.
  • The creation of an advisory board for a student organization is not a sanction listed in the Student’s Rights Rules and Responsibilities, and there are no guidelines or appeal processes surrounding the decisions of the advisory board.
  • There are no grounds in the Student’s Rights, Rules and Responsibilities that give an advisory board the ability to apply a discretionary sanction that kicks everyone out of an organization based upon the premise that students knew about or should have known about the incident that occurred at the time of the theft. There is also no section explain what deferred suspension is, which is a sanction imposed.
  • Is it not a conflict of interest that one of the complainants in the case, was appointed the chair of the Advisory board? The chair of the advisory board also runs their own outside concert promoting company, is this not as well an extreme conflict?
  • The UNH Community is compromised of students, alumni, parents of students and members of the town of Durham. These people will all feel the impact of this outcome and several have already expressed their sincere concern. If situations like this are taking place at the University, how can we ensure similar matters are not occurring within other facets of the University
  • UNH is is an educational institution that should encourage and support student growth and learning. These students should have been given an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and redeem themselves and the organization by following the guidelines their advisers set.

Please support SCOPE and the UNH Community by signing our petition and spreading the word about this issue!

A concerned student already created a Save SCOPE Facebook page, like it here: Save SCOPE


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